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Black Ops: Weapon Attachments

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Black Ops: Weapon Attachments

Post by XrG x EpiicZz on Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:19 pm

Were back and were about to list all the confirmed weapon attachments. We have also attached the price of each item so you know what you want to aim for. We would appreciate it if you could take part also by signing up to our website and giving us feedback. If you would like more information on what any of these are sign up and just ask its simple.

Assault Riffle Attachments
Extended Mags (500CP)
Dual Mag (500CP)
Red Dot Sight (750CP)
ACOG (750CP)
Masterkey (750 CP)
Reflex (750CP)
Infrared Scope (1000CP)
Grenade Launcher (1000CP)

Pistol Attachments
Snub Nose (750CP)
Speed Reloader (750CP)
ACOG (750CP)
Dual Wield
Upgraded Iron Sights

Remember sign up or more info on Black Ops

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