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Game Genres By Kelvin

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Game Genres By Kelvin

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:34 am

Below you have a list of different types of game genres of todays age.

FPS (First Person Shooter)
RTS (Real Time Stratagy)
RPG (Role Playing Game)
These games can be played on many different platforms. Platforms are basically the hardware of which a game is played. The most popular platform is a gaming console. Then we range from Personnel Computers, Handhelds, Mobile, Internet and Arcade.

Game Genres are used to categorize video games based on the gameplay instead of the storyline. This helps the audience pick what games they wish to play whitout having to read the information about the game. They are basically put into different groups to attract different groups of people who like different games. Call Of Duty Modern Warefare is a First Person Shooter but if they made a book it would be categorized into a Si-Fi.

Popular Games For Each Game Genre:-

Zelda has been around for quiet some years now and has now appeared on Xbox 360 offering a better quality adventure mode which makes this a popular Adventure Game. Bayonetta is a Action game offering you action packed gaming throughout the carrer mode. Bayonetta is avalible on Sony Playstation 3. Forza Motosport avalible on the Xbox 360 is a popular racing game all racing fanatics should know about. Forza Motosport offers the latest cars and race tracks avalible for you to race on. You can also sell your cars on a online auctions were people all around the world can purchase your car for virtual forza money. A popular Sports game everyone should know would be nothing other than Fifa made by Electronic Arts (EA). Fifa has been around since the sega mega drive and now can be purchased on the latest consoles of the 7th Generation. Fifa football games offer you unlimited fun playing football against friends or against the computer. If playing against computer you can change the difficulty mode to give you more of a challenge to move up in the virtual tables. The game Sims is a well known simulation game avalible on many consoles including the PC. This game let you build a virtual life with a family or by your self. This game can be a test to keep everything in order but also very fun at the same time. Halo Wars avalible on the Xbox 360 is a well known stratagy game which can be very competative. Party games can be very fun to play online aswell as with your family. One Party game avalible on many consoles has to be BUZZ which offers questions you have to answer correctly to finish overall top from other players. Suduko is a popular puzzle game which was only avalible in books etc. It is now avalible on the PC and can fry your brain trying to finish puzzles.

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