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Kelvin's Review On 7th Generation Gaming

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Kelvin's Review On 7th Generation Gaming

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:32 am

Hey thought I would share another review with the community, hope you like it. Now I could have gone into great detail but thought I would try cover the basics of the 7th Generation Gaming.

The 7th Generation began when the Xbox 360 was realesed by Microsoft in November 2005. Not far behind was the release of the Sony Playstation 3 in November 2006 and the Nintendo Wii in November 2006 also. Theses consoles were known as breakthrough technology. These consoles are the top 3 main competitors in the market and have all been very successful. All three consoles offer wireless controllers making gaming more enjoyable but different things separate each console making different people have different views. 7th Generation gaming has changed the way we react with computers in so many different ways from talking to the computers to talking to friends and socialising with new people on-line. The Nintendo Wii allows you to control certain games by the way you move allowing you to experience game play in a whole new way.

The Internet plays a big part in the 7th Generation gaming and Internet Service Providers have started to make more money due to the high demand in customers wanting to experience quality on-line gaming at home. Without the internet you wouldn't be able to social on-line via consoles or play on-line games.
The main games for the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 must be the game of the decade Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and for the Nintendo Wii it is the Wii Play.

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