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History Of Gaming : Handheld Devices

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History Of Gaming : Handheld Devices

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:18 am

Handhelds were taken to the next satge when the Nintendo DS was realesed in November 2004. The Nintendo DS (NDS) has a dual screens with the bottom one being touch screen. The hand-held console also includes a built in microphone so you can respond to certain games in which are compatible to voices and WiFi allowing players to interact with one another within a short range. The Nintendo DS Lite was then released in 2006 which was much lighter and offered brighter screens. Following the Nintendo DS Lite came the Nintendo DSI with two digital cameras which could be used to interact with certain compatible games. It also offers internal and external storage with a Nintendo DSI shop. Then came along the Sony PSP also known as the Playstation Portable which was released in the UK in 2005. This offered Playstation 2 like graphics all in the palm of your hand. Infact the Playstation Portable is the first handled to offer games on a disc format known as Universal Media Disc (UMD). The Playstation Portable offers a large screen making gaming a lot easier to view, internet, WiFi, MP3 player & even a MP4 player.

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