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History Of Gaming : 2D To 3D

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History Of Gaming : 2D To 3D

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:15 am

Hey everyone I have decided to submit a quick review on 2 dimensional gaming to 3 dimensional gaming, hope you like it.

2D games were very simple and easy to play, the games looked flat out on your television screen. Games like Mega Man, Sonic & even Mortal combat on the Sega Mega Drive were all 2 dimensional games. Then came along 3D gaming which offered a better graphical content making most games more enjoyable to play. I say MOST games because some 2D games companies tried to convert games like Mortal Combat into 3D games which just wasn't working for the public. Most companies who tried converting their 2D games to 3D failed. One company failed horridly and even had to shut down their company. The video below shows how 3D is a lot more complex and how company's failed.

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