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Post by Admin on Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:07 am

Hey everyone I'm Kelvin & today I am reviewing what I call an excellent gadget the "JOOJOO". Some of you may be thinking "what a name to call a gadget", your right but I bet you wouldn't expect it to be the equivalent to having an iPad would you? "Well yes it is believe it our not". The iPad could have great competition with the JOOJOO because the screen is 2.5 inch bigger than the iPad but yet just a little thicker than the iPad tablet. Looking at other reviews we understand it is a FACT that this JOOJOO is well built and doesn't feel that much heavier than the iPad. The websites render quickly on the JOOJOO, within nine seconds of booting up the JOOJOO you can be online surfing the internet. The typing on this gadget is not that much different to the iPad either so you tell us "Would you rather pay £100GBP LESS than the iPad for the JOOJOO but still feel your money has been better accounted for?"

Image taken from slashgear.com

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