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Post by fatboyflynn on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:45 pm

So after all the hype MEDAL OF HONOR TIER 1 has final arrived onto our consoles and the big question is, is this game worth all the hype or is it a COD clone, well if you want the truth in my opinion it's a COD clone, there are certain sections in the game that are exactly like COD MW2, one of the sections is where you have to ride along on an ATV, well in a way that is the same as COD's snow mobile section, just remove the snow and add sand and rocks, then theres the section where you hunt down morter teams, the thing is your running through broken planes and guess what its just like running through the plane graveyard in COD, and as for the missions well thats another thing, this is suppose to be about the elite tier 1 troops (or so i thought), don't get me wrong for large sections of the game you do play as them, but then later on you end up playing as a normal ranger, then for some unknown reason you become the gunner in a blackhawk gunship why???, what has all this got to do with the tier 1 troops, the missions follow on from each other and this can get confusing because one mission you are searching through buildings for an informer and then later on your running through the mountains trying to get to higher ground, also some of the missions can be well abit annoying to say the least, at the airfield section you have to light up armoured vechiles with a laser so that the c130s (or whatever they are thats flying about) can destroy them, easier said then done trying to light them up can be a pain because if you don't get it right then they just keep advancing, in another section you have to takeout enemy troops hiding amoungs trees with your sniper rifle, trouble is they blend in well with the trees and if you have forget to use your infer red sight to see them your gonna struggle, on the plus side the online game play is very good and there are a fair few missions to have a go at, there's hardly any slow down whilst playing online, on the whole its not a bad game but it could of been alot better, EA had a chance to make a big statement with this game but failed miserable what should of been EA's big comeback to challenge ACTIVISION, turned out to be nothing more then a whimper, also the whole game doesnt seem that long and they have left it open for a tier 2, if they do, do a sequel lets hope they make a better job of the whole game

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