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Post by fatboyflynn on Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:59 am

So then we had all the big build up, seen all the ads on the telly and then had the big launch at midnight, now the big question is was it worth the wait or was it just alot of media hype???, well in my opinion it was just alot of hype don't get me wrong this is a good game and its a hell of alot better then the MEDAL OF HONOR TIER 1 game, the trouble with this game is that there are loads of cut scenes that are good at first but start to get on your nerves after a while, i mean come on was there really any need for that many cut scenes, and its not as if there short scenes either, because its TRYARCH that have done the game this time round they have brought back NAZI ZOMBIES for 2 players with much improved graphics and a far bigger area, theres also abit of a mission this time instead of just surviving, you have to go round looking for switches, this is all very nice if you like that sort of game, me i don't and i got bored with it very very quickly, also because its TRYARCH we have the same problem here that we had with MOH TIER 1, some levels have that "i've seen this type of thing before" feel to it for instance running through the prison was just like running through the the first mission as dimitrie in WORLD AT WAR (the part where you have to do sniping for reznov), then theres the part where you have to stop the missile from launching again thats the same as running through the asylem section on WORLD AT WAR, in truth there are loads of sections that you can compare to WORLD AT WAR, as i said earlier this is just my opinion and i feel gamers are being ripped off, but its not all bad news you know there are some good points to the game honest, firstly this game is actually a fill in between WORLD AT WAR and the first MODERN WARFARE games, reznov makes a welcome return here (the bloke with half his index finger missing) and also the bad guy from MODERN WARFARE whos name i've forgotten, the graphics are very well drawn and the areas you fight in are brilliant, everything is clear and you can see every detail, some missions are tricky but thats not to say you won't enjoy them and unlike TIER 1 where you just suddenly went into the next mission at least with this game you get your missions broken up so at least you know whats next (even if it is via one of those boring cut scenes), theres an abundance of weapons to pick up and use (my favourite is the AK47), the game on the whole isn't a bad one the thing is the campaign mode is good but this game has been aimed at online players (weather thats a good thing or not remains to be seen) and thats ok if you have an online account which i don't all in all its far better then MOH TIER 1, but i'd of liked to seen a return of a 2player special ops rather then NAZI ZOMBIES, i would rate this game 7/10 for game play but i would give it 10/10 for the graphics, i would also be interested to here what other gamers think of the game, was my review a fare one or am i just being picky i know for a fact that some people will disagree and thats fine because not everyone will be of the same opinion as me

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Post by XrG x EpiicZz on Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:34 am

I love Call of Duty Games and think this one is the best game they have made yet, although there is many problems at the moment with the game for the simple fact they didn't bring out a beta before it was released. Now because of TreyArch being so confident by thinking they had created the perfect game are now struggling to keep up with all the glitch's and errors the game currently has.

Some of theses errors to date are the following:

Matchmaking takes forever when in a party or playing with friends
Kicks from Xbox Live parties sometimes
Lags out of the game
Does not select best host
Gitches on certain maps
Care Package Glitch
Spawning System

The above is just some of what me and my clan have noticed and there are probably more not discovered yet. JD_2020 did say they are working on these errors on the Call of Duty: Black Ops forum but why is it taking so long? Like I mentioned on the forum of Call of Duty 'I paid good money for a game which I can barely play', Mainly American's gave replays which were just bad mouthing me when all I did was state my opinion.

I hope soon they send out an update for Xbox because it really starting to piss me off.

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